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In Your OWN Words is a destination where you can express your passions through video. Start programming your own "channel" iwth videos or check out our assignment area for ideas and inspiration.
What images represent your dreams? What words inspire you? Get clear about your goals, hopes and vision for your life. Turn your dreams into reality. Create an O Dream Board.
In Your OWN Words
In Your OWN Words is a destination to tell your stories and express your passions through video. Check out the assignment area to get ideas and inspiration.
Create a video and show us how you plan to achieve your personal fitness goal this year.
Create a video and tell us how you manage to keep in touch with everybody in your life.

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In Your OWN Words
You're the producer, director and star of your own videos - but you're not alone. We give out assignments to help inspire you.
O Dream Board
Start to make your dreams a reality with an O Dream Board. Publish your O Dream Board or keep it just for yourself!
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