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IN YOUR OWN WORDS. we ask. you answer with a video.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Your OWN Channel?
What is "Ask Oprah's All-Stars"?
How do I ask an All-Star a question?
Can I delete other people's comments on My OWN Channel?
Is anything off limits?
Is there a limit to how long my videos can be?
Who else will watch the videos?
I don't know how to edit, and I don't have the software on my computer.
Are there any copyright restrictions on what I can include in my video?
Why doesn't my video show up right away?
Do I need to edit my video or can I just upload what I record on my camera?
I'm having trouble uploading my video!
My video is taking forever to load!
Can I remove a video once it's been posted?
What's an O Dream Board?
How do I connect to the people who are already here?
I've heard so much about privacy problems on the web. Is my information safe with Oprah.com?
What if I don't want everybody to see what I'm doing?
What if I make a comment on an article or video? Can somebody make a comment about my comment? And say anything they want?
What is a "Follow" button?
How do I control who can see any information on my Profile page?
What if I see offensive content in someone else's video?
What if I can't find an answer to my question?