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IN YOUR OWN WORDS. we ask. you answer with a video.
Take Peter Walsh’s Family First Challenge and create a memory video!
Do you need to de-clutter your family time? Is your kids’ time overscheduled? In celebration of Peter Walsh’s OWN show Enough Already!, we’ve taken one our favorite Oprah Show assignments and given it a new twist:

First, go through Peter’s 7-day challenge, found here.

Next, get out your video camera and document your new-found family time and activities as you complete each step of the assignment. Finally, create a video of your favorite moments from throughout the week and upload it right here on Your OWN Channel!

You’ll feel great after spending quality, clutter-free time with your family and you will have a memory video to watch, share and remind you of just how fun it can be to come together as a family.
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Posted: Feb 20, 2011
Posted: Feb 20, 2011